The heart of the Balkan Volleyball was beating in Sarajevo with high authorities.

CEV Vice-President and Treasurer Mr. Özkan Mutlugil, BVA Secretary General, Bosnia&Hersegovina Federation President Mr. Milutin Popovic and member countries’ presidents and representatives gathered in the beautiful capital of Bosnia&Herzegovina on Saturday the 21st January 2017. The agenda was full of new ideas, evaluation of 2016 and 2017 activities with organisers.

While Mr. Erlind Pellumbi from Albania became the BVA’s new president for 2017,  Mr. Cvetko Pajkovic became again the vice-president.

Age Limits for Balkan Events in 2017 will be as below:

U20 Men/1st January 1997 and after
U19 Women/1st January 1998 and after
U19 Men/1st January 1999 and after
U18 Women/1st January 2000 and after
U17 Men/1st January 2001 and after
U16 Women/1st January 2002 and after
Kids Festival Men/1st January 2003 and after
Kids Festival Women/1st January 2004 and after

Kosova became the 11th member of the Balkan Volleyball Association. Serbia Volleyball Federation representative Ivan Knezevic read below statements against the decision of Kosova Membership:

Dear Ladies and Gentlement,

On behalf of Volleyball Federation of Serbia, according to the Government of Serbia decision and in line with UNSCR(United Nations Security Council Resolution)1244 and ICJ (International Court of Justice) Advisory opinionon the Kosova Decleration of independence, we must underline that participations of delegates from the Republic of Serbia in this sport event does not mean recognition of Kosova’s unilateral decleration of independence and is without prejudice of the position of the Republic of Serbia on the issue of the status of this territory.

Thank you

Kids Festival Men and Women in Montenegro
U17 Men Balkan Championship in Bulgaria
U16 Women Balkan Championship in Bulgaria
U19 Men Balkan Championship in Serbia
U18 Women Balkan Championship in Kosova
U20 Men Balkan Championship in Kosova
U19 Women Balkan Championship (organiser will be announced in the month of February)

Senior Men and Women Beach Volleyball Tour in Turkey
Senior Men and Women Beach Volleyball Tour (organiser TBD)
Senior Men and Women Beach Volleyball Tour (organiser TBD)
U22 Men and Women Beach Volleyball Championship in FYROM
U20 Men and Women Beach Volleyball Tour in Kosova
U18 Men and Women Beach Volleyball Tour in Greece (this new category if organised, it will be a test event. It will be decided during the technical commission meeting)