KV Ferizaj complete clean sweep of Kosovo domestic competitions with men’s national league title

Prishtina, Kosovo, April 25, 2017. KV Luboteni FERIZAJ recently claimed top honours in the men’s national league of the Republic of Kosovo after emerging victorious from the third and final match of the championship series with KV PËJA.

KV Luboteni and KV PËJA had won their respective home matches (3-1 in Ferizaj and 3-2 in Pëja) and the third and last ‘episode’ of this saga was to take place at the sports hall named after former USA President Bill Clinton in Ferizaj.

KV PËJA caught the better start taking the first set 25-22, thus repeating what they had done in their previous match in Ferizaj. However, the hosts fought their way back in the second (25-23) before the third period turned into a real drama. It was close until the very end but KV Luboteni remained focussed and calm enough to pull off a 26-24 win to claim an edge in the match. Everything went just easy for the ‘Wolves’ in the fourth and eventually final set, where KV Luboteni rallied to a compelling 25-14 win to seize the championship title.

As a result, KV Luboteni FERIZAJ completed a clean sweep of all domestic competitions since earlier this season they had triumphed in the national cup of Kosovo as well.