Second championship Amateur League Volleyball about to start in Albania

Tirana, Albania, February 23, 2017. Amateur volleyball fans gathered yesterday in Tirana, to launch the second championship of Amateur League Volleyball, organized by the Albanian Volleyball Federation (AVF).

“The goal is turning this sports festival into a tradition, as it once was,” said AVF 's President Mr. Erlind Pellumbi in his speech. There are a total of 16 teams participating in this tournament, which come from various public and private institutions.

AVF Secretary General, Mr. Albens Vokopola explained the formula and innovations of this tournament, mixed teams of young men and women divided by draw into 2 groups of 8 teams each. The championship will be played in two phases, each will last 7 weeks and then the first two teams of each group will meet in the playoff final phase.

Mr. Konalsi Gjoka, Chairman of the Technical-Referee Committee emphasized that this effort and initiative this year will be extended even further. At the conclusion of this championship will follow the Albania Cup Tournament for Amateur Level, where the first four teams of each group will automatically qualify for the semifinals and will face each other in order to win the tournament. The season will end with the Super Cup Trophy, which will put the Championship winner against the Cup winner.

Mr. Pellumbi stressed in his speech that the Albanian Volleyball Federation intends to transform such activities in real competitions, which aim the growth of Volleyball and bring it closer to more people and fans, and so expanding even more the already large volleyball family in Albania.