Albania crown national Beach Volleyball champions to cap highly successful summer season

Durrës, Albania, September 10, 2017. The Albanian Volleyball Federation organised this weekend the 2017 edition of their Beach Volleyball national championship, with all of the country’s top teams participating in the event held in the city of Durrës. The tournament hosted in the iconic seaside town on the Adriatic Sea drew the attention of many athletes, lovers of this sport and holidaymakers, who closely followed the matches and cheered their favourite athletes on.

The competition lasted for two days and the players delighted the fans in attendance with their performances as well as with their fighting spirit. Once again, the Beach Volleyball national championship showed that interest in the sport is not lacking – and fans are hungry for more.

“We are very happy with the organisation of this Beach Volleyball tournament, which helped us finish this summer season in the best way. We have finalised all events of a busy season and we are now looking forward to starting with the next activities,” said Mr Albens Vokopola, Secretary General of the Albanian Volleyball Federation.

Final standing


  1. Adelajda Prenga/Ergysa Blloku
  2. Esmeralda Tuci/Xhudiana Kruti
  3. Gloria Zagori/Jola Gjermeni


  1. Klaudio Qerraxhia/Arbër Troka
  2. Zhenklaud Muça/Glejn Zagori
  3. Blerim Memia/Nikolin Qafarena