Albanian coaches and referees to embrace innovation

Tirana, Albania, December 12, 2018. After completion of the first phase of the national league in all categories, the Albanian Volleyball Federation (FSHV) organised at Tirana Olympic Park a technical seminar involving a large number of coaches and referees. The Vice-President of the Albanian Volleyball Federation, Mr Dashamir Brari, highlighted the importance of this seminar, emphasising the need to follow and implement the changes meant to make Volleyball even more attractive and exciting.

The seminar had some important goals to achieve for the Federation. One of them was the presentation of a special rule for age-group competitions, i.e. the one implying the use of two setters, in a session attended by referees and coaches of the relevant teams. The FSHV Secretary General, Mr Albens Vokopola, introduced this change to the rules of the game, providing the necessary background information on this innovation, which will apply to all age-group national championships this season. This rule will make it possible to increase the number of setters and consequently the level of their performance as well.

The seminar addressed various topics likely to help referees with their professional growth too. The attendees discussed a number of items such as match preparation, match management, communication between the referees during the match, disciplinary measures as per the regulations in place, etc. International referees Igli Feshti, Konalsi Gjoka and Endri Zguri were the lecturers in charge of sharing their knowledge and expertise with younger colleagues.

Moreover, there was the opportunity to review the management of the paper and electronic score sheet as well, the duties of the secretary, and so on. In the end, all participants underwent a theoretical test of the acquired knowledge. There was also a special training with a group of young referees, who recently started cooperating with the Albanian Volleyball Federation in the organisation and delivery of various events.