Albanian Volleyball family review year of success at annual General Assembly

Tirana, Albania, February 26, 2019. The annual General Assembly of the Albanian Volleyball Federation (FSHV) took place in Tirana with the participation of most of their member clubs. The assembly chaired by FSHV President, Mr Erlind Pëllumbi, analysed and reviewed all of the activities carried out during the last year, as well as a number of achievements on the national and international stage. There was also much discussion about how to grow the sport in the future in order to raise Volleyball to the next level. 

“Thank you all for the support and encouragement you have given us over the past year. Without the help and support of all of you, we would not have succeeded. We have accomplished unimaginable things for ourselves during the year that has just ended, we have achieved historic results and this makes us all proud. We are going beyond our limits and we are discovering that we can do many good things together, making Volleyball a sport for everyone,” the FSHV President said.

Secretary General, Mr Albens Vokopola, presented a summary and review of all events organised in 2018, a year filled with interesting events and many achievements. The number of national and international activities did actually grow tremendously in 2018. However, there are still financial constraints, as the funds available are scarce and insufficient to achieve all of the objectives.

Nevertheless, the Albanian Volleyball Federation will not stop here, as it aims to achieve other positive results in the future. The Volleyball at School project presented by Konalsi Gjoka (chair of the Technical and Refereeing Commission) will have a three-year duration and aims at a small age range in order to secure mass participation in the sport. The delegates had only positive reviews about the project, as it shows that Albanian Volleyball is entering a new phase of its development. 

Members of the FSHV Board of Administration and representatives of the participating clubs shared their thoughts and ideas and confirmed their support for the FSHV. The FSHV will continue their cooperation with all clubs to foster the further development of Volleyball in the Balkan country. Representatives of the Ministry of Sports and of the Albanian National Olympic Committee attended the General Assembly as well, showing their appreciation for the goals and results achieved by Albania’s Volleyball family in 2018.