Balkan authorities gathered in Tirana

Tirana, Albania, January 20, 2018. 19th BVA General Assembly took place in Tirana with participation of member countries ' representatives. CEV Vice-President and Treasurer Mr. Özkan MUTLUGIL was also present to witness the works of the Association.

Albania Volleyball Federation President Mr. Erlind Pellumbi made his welcome speech to share his happiness to host all valuable members in his city. Before the start of the General Assembly, national tv channel was also in the room to make interviews with Mr. Mutlugil and the with Mr. Perlumbi to get some news of what was going on with Balkan and volleyball in the region.

Meeting continued according to the articles of the agenda. While evaluation of 2017 Balkan Events has been made by technical commission president Mr. Periklis Bakodimos, assembly discussed the future volleyball and beach volleyball events in 2018 and new projects.

Age limits for 2018 has being declared consistent with CEV. At the end of the meeting new organizers of some events were decided and new BVA President and Vice-President were announced. Mr. Cvetko Pajkovic from Montenegro became the BVA New President and Mr. Gheorghe Visan from Romania became the Vice-President.

Mr. Mutlugil, in the name of CEV President Mr. Aleksandar Boricic sent his special thanks for the dedication of the BVA into volleyball sport and that BVA has always being the pioneer of most projects.

Next General Assembly decided to take place in Montenegro in January 2019.

2018 tournaments, host countries and eligible players are as follows:

U16 Women: Serbia (1 January 2004 and after)

U17 Men: TBD (1 January 2003 and after)

U17 Women: Kosovo (1 January 2002 and after)

U18 Men: TBD (1 January 2001 and after)

U19 Women: Serbia (1 January 2000 and after)

U20 Men: Bosnia&Herzegovina (1 January 1999 and after)

Kids Festival: FYR of Macedonia (1 January 2005 and after for Men and 1 January 2006 and after for Women)

Senior Beach Volleyball Balkan Tour: Greece

Senior Beach Volleyball Balkan Tour: Turkey

U22 Beach Volleyball Championship: FYR of Macedonia (1 January 1996 and after)

U20 Beach Volleyball Championship: Kosovo (1 January 1998 and after)