Balkan countries gathered in Romania

Bucuresti, Romania, December 07, 2019. 21st Balkan Volleyball Association General Assembly has been organized at 7 December 2019 in Bucuresti, under the hosting of Volleyball Federation of Romania.

CEV President Mr. Aleksandar Boricic, CEV Senior Vice President Mr. Renato Arena and CEV Vice-President and Treasurer Mr. Ozkan Mutlugil were also present at the meeting to discuss the current situations of Balkan Region together with member federation 's representatives.

It was decided to create a working group to solve some of technical issues of the association. These issues are namely reconstruction of the BVA website, usage of the social media, providing live stream by each organizer during the events, finding supports to realise all of these activities.

Working group members are:

Mr. Albens Vokopola, General Secretary of the volleyball federation of Albania,

Mr. Ivan Boskovic, General Secretary of the volleyball federation of Montenegro

Mr. Zoran Avramovic, President of the BVA Marketing and Development Commission.

It was decided that this working group and BVA press officer gets together to discuss how to realise the plans.

It was decided to start snow volleyball events under the umbrella of the BVA as of 2021 season. Romania declared that they could organize the 1st regional snow volleyball event.

Below are the organizer information for 2020 volleyball and beach volleyball events together with age limits for indoor events:

U16W Balkan Championship in Serbia, born at 1st January 2006 and after

U17M Balkan Championship in Greece, born at 1st January 2005 and after

U17W Balkan Championship in Serbia, born at 1st January 2004 and after

U18M Balkan Championship in Serbia, born at 1st January 2003 and after

U19W Balkan Championship in Kosovo, born at 1st January 2002 and after

U20M Balkan Championship in Kosovo, born at 1st January 2001 and after

Kids Festival in Romania, born at 1st January 2008 and after for women and born at 1st January 2007 and after for men

Senior Beach Volleyball Men&Women in Albania

Senior Beach Volleyball Men&Women in Turkey (not certain yet)

U22 Beach Volleyball Men&Women in Kosovo

U20 Beach Volleyball Men&Women in North Macedonia

Financial issues also been discussed. Participation fee for indoor events raised from 30EUR to 40EUR per person per day.

Mr. Boricic declared his new candidature as a president for the coming-up CEV Election in June 2020 and BVA declared it 's fully support for this decision.

Due to recent success of North Macedonia with their national men team in the 2019 EuroVolley, General Assembly decided to nominate Mr. Petar Jovanovski, president of North Macedonia as the new BVA President until next GA.

The necessity of marketing and promotional activities were cried once again by Mr. Zoran Avramovic.

Next Meetings will be;

Technical Commission Meeting in Istanbul around February/March of 2020

BVA 22th General Assembly in North Macedonia in December 2020 or January 2021.