C.S.M. BUCURESTI players - teachers for one day

Bucharest, Romania, November 29, 2018. The Volleyball team of C.S.M. BUCURESTI recently organised a master class with the children from a school in Bucharest, as part of their educational and social campaign “Sport unites us!”

Shortly before their matchup with CSU Belor GALATI in the A1 Division coming up later this week, the players of C.S.M. BUCURESTI enjoyed using their energy for an hour of sport with the kids from the School No. 188. The reigning champions of Romania played the role of physical education teachers for about 100 children aged from eight to 11.

The joy of the little ones while moving and learning the ABC of the Volleyball game was especially impressive for Romania’s national team captain Adina Salaoru: “We were glad to be part of this campaign; it is important to promote Volleyball and sports in general. I love kids very much and I enjoyed being around them. That is how I started, in a gym, with over 100 children. I never thought I would be the champion of my own country, or the captain of the national team….initially it was just the excitement to do something with other children.”

Ukrainian player, Iryna Trushkina, was the most dedicated teacher and explained to the students many of the basic Volleyball movements: “I am in top shape because the little ones have given me a lot of energy and happiness. It was a little hard because they did not stop at all and they were always looking for me to tell them how to play. I started Volleyball by chance. I was at the beach, and a coach saw me being tall and told my mother to let me go to the sport.”

Turkish coach Ferhat Akbas revealed that his own story in the sport began at school as well through an event similar to that organised by C.S.M. BUCURESTI.

“It is a great campaign as kids have a lot of fun; for some it was the first time they played Volleyball. It is hard enough to train 100 kids and it is especially hard to organise them. Children are talented and it is great that they do sports. That is how I started at school, when I was about 11 years old. For them it is very important to do sports, to move, it is important for their mind and body to be healthy,” Akbas said.

“Sport unites us!” is an educational campaign initiated by C.S.M. BUCURESTI in March 2018 due to involve more than 5,000 children from 35 schools of Bucharest. C.S.M. BUCURESTI players from volleyball, handball, athletics, rugby and basketball are involved in a number of sports classes in order to promote their respective sports and a healthy lifestyle.