EKO mini volleyball league to feature record-breaking 700+ participants

Podgorica, Montenegro, October 14, 2019. More than 700 young boys and girls will participate in the 2019-2020 season of the EKO mini volleyball league! The fifth edition of the event - which is part of the CEV School Project - specifically designed for children aged 9-12 officially began on Sunday at the Slobodan Skerovic Gymnasium in Podgorica.

For the fifth season in a row, the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro will be delivering such a large-scale programme for children with the sponsorship of Jugopetrol AD, the EKO gas stations and the support of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) and the Municipality of Podgorica.

The President of the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro (OSCG), Cvetko Pajkovic, the CEO of Jugopetrol AD Antonis Semelides, the Director of the Directorate for Sport at the Ministry of Sports and Youth Milos Lalevic were among the illustrious guests to attend the opening ceremony. The Secretary of the Secretariat of Culture and Sports of Podgorica, Ana Medigovic and the President of the Coaching Commission of the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro and renowned coach Veselin Vukovic attended the event as well.

“By all accounts, next year we will have to gather in a larger sports hall. There are more and more of us, year after year. This year, the EKO mini volleyball league gathers the highest number of participants so far, with over 700 girls and boys and 64 teams! Our men’s national team showed a great performance at Euro Volley 2019. We believe the future can be even more successful, because it is truly wonderful to see you in such great numbers. We are very happy about that. Next year a new cycle begins for our senior teams, and we hope for new victories in major competitions, but we are primarily dedicated to these kids and their success. One thing they have already achieved. They have chosen Volleyball!” said OSCG President Pajkovic.

“In addition to the EKO mini volleyball league, we deliver numerous similar projects and sponsorships because we believe that it is important, especially for children, to play sports and train regularly. The results and interest so far have only confirmed that the EKO mini volleyball league has become a serious and big competition that now involves over 700 children from all over Montenegro. Among them, the coaches have already recognised some promising talents, who will one day become professional athletes,” added Antonis Semelides, CEO of Jugopetrol AD.

The Volleyball Federation of Montenegro, thanks to the CEV School Project, which they are implementing in close cooperation with the CEV and the Ministry of Sports, has provided balls to all clubs participating in the EKO mini volleyball league. Moreover, the OSCG provided t-shirts to all participants as well. The EKO mini volleyball league will be taking place on Sundays at the sports hall of the Slobodan Skerovic Gymnasium in Podgorica.