FSHV General Assembly sets a first in COVID-19 times, projects great changes

Tirana, Albania, June 16, 2020. In what was a first for the Albanian sports family in these times of COVID-19, the Albanian Volleyball Federation (FSHV) overcame the newly established tradition of Zoom-based online meetings and events, holding their XXXI General Assembly in a particular matter, setting in the process an example for others to follow. Reflecting the post-coronavirus reality, this Assembly was held in an unusual, yet familiar ground, the main hall of the “Feti Borova” Sports Palace in Tirana Olympic Park, the very same arena where the Albanian national women’s and men’s teams play their international matches.

Facemasks and disinfectants were distributed to the delegates, who also observed social distancing in their seating. These particulars aside, the Assembly session lasted for more than three hours, with a short break in between and the discussions were vivid and constructive. The main stumbling block was the fate of the current season, which was halted in mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak. After weighing in all the options, the delegates voted to set June 23 as the deadline for the fate of the current season for the women’s and men’s championship.

In case the teams are not allowed to train indoors by then, the season will be abandoned altogether, with no champions declared, no promotion and no relegation. Furthermore, the Assembly voted to merge the two divisions of women’s championship into one for next season, with both genders running into a single division. Moreover, the Assembly voted to adopt the new pro Superleague format for the 2021-2022 season, which marks a monumental shift in the course of Albanian Volleyball, aiming to further stimulate its development.

In another milestone development, the XXXI FSHV General Assembly voted in favour of adopting a new logo of the Albanian Volleyball Federation, a design that reflects a new and dynamic era, towards new goals and objectives.

Speaking after the Assembly, the Federation President, Erlind Pëllumbi, hailed the decisions adopted, emphasising the need to usher the sport into a new era. “After each difficult time comes relief and Albanian Volleyball is aiming at overcoming this pandemic, looking forward to the next season as a springboard for a better and brighter future for our sport,” he said.