Janta Volley Forza club discovers new talents through CEV School Project

Skopje, North Macedonia, February 21, 2020. Knowing that the men’s national team made a historic and very successful appearance at last year’s EuroVolley, many would quite naturally think that Macedonian men’s Volleyball is on a higher level than the women’s game. According to the results, this is a fact, but there is some evidence that in the future, women’s Volleyball in the small Balkan country may reach and even surpass the results of the men’s team.

In North Macedonia, there are more women’s clubs in the highest-level competition and more girls are involved in Volleyball than boys are. This is also the case, among other things, because of the existence of the Janta Volley Forza club, which has twice been a champion in the highest division of the national league and has played an important role in both the youth and senior Macedonian leagues in recent years.

Janta Volley Forza has recently joined the CEV School Project implemented by the Volleyball Federation of North Macedonia. In the elementary school ‘Nevena Georgieva Dunja’, about 20 girls had the opportunity to experience what it is like to hang out with a volleyball.

“Our idea was to call girls who have never played Volleyball before and get them together with those who are at the entry level of the training process. We thought that would bring the game closer to them and attract them to come to training regularly. We spend a great deal of time with elementary school girls because we feel that the first step for us as coaches is to create a wide base so that we can select quality players in the clubs,” the coaches at the Janta Volley Forza club speak in one voice.

They have had the pleasure of discovering new talents many times so far. The CEV School Project in collaboration with the Volleyball Federation of North Macedonia may have helped them find a few more. At Janta Volley Forza, they know well that even the longest route begins with the first, small step.