OK BUDVA add league title to national cup crown

Podgorica, Montenegro, April 18, 2021. OK BUDVA are the men’s champions of Montenegro for the third year in a row. Even more, Miloš Marković’s team finished a great season with a double crown, because OK BUDVA had claimed the national cup title as well earlier this year. In the fourth game of the championship series, OK BUDVA needed three sets only (25-20, 25-19, 25-21) to beat Budućnost Volley in Podgorica, thus ending the series at three wins to one in their favour.

OK BUDVA delivered a great performance. Miodrag Jelić, Milutin Pavićević, Ivan Zvicer, Blažo Milić, Aldin Oković, Ljubomir Popović and Maxim Mikhaylov played with much confidence and looked very determined to secure a third victory. On the other hands, the attacks of Budućnost Volley were slow, predictable and allowed a very motivated rival to impose their block.

The President of the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro (OSCG), Cvetko Pajković, presented the trophy to the players of OK BUDVA. Miodrag Jelić received the trophy from the hands of the OSCG President since the victory coincided with his birthday. Igor Vušurović, OSCG Development Manager and Olympic gold medallist in 2000, was in charge of presenting the gold medals. Nemanja Zenović, a member of the OSCG Management Board, awarded the players of Budućnost Volley with the silver medals for the runners-up of the competition.

“We did not succeed in anything we did, although we had a strong desire and practically lived for this match.  We simply burned out.  They are experienced and they played the whole match with a lot of patience. However, I am proud of this group of players, and before the start of the final series, and even before the start of the season, our goal was to play two finals, to make the final series as and to promote our young players. We did it and I am satisfied with them and I am proud of them,” said Zoran Vukčević, head coach of Budućnost Volley.