Record number of participants for "Eko Mini Volleyball" in Montenegro

Podgorica, Montenegro, May 15, 2019. It is the fourth season of the EKO Mini Volleybal league, the competition for children aged 9-12, organised by the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro with the sponsorship of Jugopetrol AD, EKO gas stations and the support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth and the Secretariat for Culture and Sports of Podgorica. The competition is part of the CEV School Project.

This season, EKO Mini Volleyball counts a record number of participants - 56 teams from 19 clubs, that is about 650 children in total! The competition is played on Sundays in the Gymnasium "Slobodan Skerovic" in Podgorica. As in the previous years, Mikasa Volleyballs are distributed to all of the participating teams.

"We are extremely proud of this project. We had 450 children at the very beginning of EKO Mini Volleyball, and now in the fourth season we have around 650 children. Therefore, the number of children is very noticeable, which was our goal, so we consider this project very successful. Certainly EKO Mini Volleyball means a lot to clubs, and certainly children also love to have this kind of competition, especially at the age of 9 to 12 years. Given that 56 teams are participating this year, we hope that next season we will continue with this competition in the same rhythm, or even better. The final event is planned for June 8, I am sure that we will make a real volleyball spectacle at the main square in Podgorica and, of course, we expect a large number of children. Also, we have been informed about the visit of officials from the European Volleyball Confederation, who will come to attend the finals, because this project has echoed not only in Montenegro, but also in Europe,” said Ivan Bošković, Secretary General of the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro.The Volleyball Federation of Montenegro has provided t-shirts and balls to all participants, as well as borne costs of the hall for playing all matches and medals, which will be given to every child participating in the competition.

"From year to year the number is increasing, I think that the next year will be with more participants than this year. It is an excellent action for our Volleyball players. We are very thankful to the people from the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro for their efforts and organisation of this competition”, said Srdjan Popovic, the head coach of the men 's youth team and first assistant of the men 's senior national team of Montenegro, who is also a former volleyball player of Buducnost PODGORICA and Partizan BEOGRAD.Such projects are good for the popularisation of volleyball, according to Zeljka Giljen. "The qualification of the men 's National team of Montenegro for the European Championship this year is very important for the popularisation of men 's Volleyball with which we have a problem. As for the girls, they need some time to further develop, women 's Volleyball results are still to come,” said Giljen, coach of Buducnost Capital Plaza.

Read also what children p 'articipating in this project had to say about EKO Mini Volleyball league and Volleyball in general:

"I have been in Volleyball for two and a half years. I applied for this club because previously I never had the chance to play some matches and it was interesting to try and honestly do not regret it, it 's very nice and I really like it."

"I went on a train with all my friends and started practising Volleyball, it seemed interesting to me and I liked it very much, so for two years now I have been participating in EKO Mini Volleyball league."

"I recommend Volleyball to everyone because those who may not seem to be interested in this sport, when they try it, they will find it is very interesting and beautiful."

"I have chosen Volleyball because it 's a great sport, great for health development, and this is really wonderful when we all come together here to play it."