Reigning World and European champions Serbia back at work!

Belgrade, Serbia, June 5, 2020. The women’s national team of Serbia, who are the reigning World champions and two-time European champions, resumed their activities on Monday, June 1. Their head coach Zoran Terzić called up as many as 40 players, of which 16 are staying in Belgrade, while all others are training in the city of Ub.

“I always told my friends that I needed to rest a little bit because our rhythm over the years has been very intense and now we had maybe too much spare time, so we were very anxious to resume with our training,” said setter and team captain Maja Ognjenovic. “I have been missing Volleyball and my teammates and this is a phenomenal opportunity that our Federation gave us to work both in the gym and on the court with our staff from the national team. After that, we will return to our clubs well prepared and in shape to continue getting ready for the upcoming season. Therefore, I imagine that our respective clubs will be satisfied, too. Next year will be tough, for sure, but our motivation and our wish to compete at the highest level and ultimately reach our goals will prevail, no doubt. We will have three very important competitions, but of course, the Olympic Games will be the peak of our efforts, and we will try to be at our best in Tokyo.”

Outside hitter Brankica Mihajlović added: “We have found ourselves in a very particular situation, not just us, athletes, but the whole world, and it was really tough. In Istanbul, with my club, we did not have any training, but we are here to resume working and I can say that I have put everything behind me. Right now, I focus only on our future tasks. Even though we will not have any competitions this year, it will be important for us to stay together for a while and start preparing for the re-scheduled Olympics. I am extremely happy that the Volleyball Federation of Serbia care about us and our wellbeing, and they are doing everything to get us in shape.”

Mina Popović, middle blocker: “We missed each other, really. I was in Italy, and you know how the situation there was. I had to stay at home for two months, so I need this time with my friends and teammates. Now that we are back together, I think it will be even better than before.”

Bianka Buša: “After two and a half months of rest, it was about time to start with training. We rested enough but, of course, we need to start slowly and build our shape once again. We are not in a hurry, there is time for everything and we are very enthusiastic.”