About us

by marin

Founded in 1998

Balkan Volleyball Association was founded in 1998, in Orestiada (Greece), but due to the challenging political situation in the Balkans, it had to temporarily suspend its activities for a while.

Thanasis Beligratis was first President of BVA

Member federations of the BVA (Greece, Serbia & Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Albania, F.Y.R. of Macedonia and Moldavia) unanimously voted the re-establishment of the Association, during the extraordinary General Assembly in Athens in 2000.

11 Federations

Balkan Volleyball Association has 11 members. The Presidency of the Association changes yearly according to the alphabetical order of the member countries.

Secretariat of BVA is in Turkey

The secretariat of the Balkan Volleyball Association stayed in Greece until 12 December 2009. During the General Assembly organized in Sarajevo Bosnia Herzegovina Balkan Volleyball Association Secretariat moved to Turkey.

Development of Volleyball, Beach and Snow Volleyball in the Balkan Region

The purpose of this Regional Association is to further develop Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Snow Volleyball in the Balkan Region, especially in under age categories, both Men and Women, is to organize training camps and official competitions, as well as to create a strong friendship and good cooperation between the member federations, thus providing a good foundation for the establishment of peace in the Balkan Region.

Therefore, the BVA organizes every season Balkan Volleyball Championships for under age categories for both Men and Women genders, as well as Beach Volleyball Championships for Senior, Junior and Youth, Men and Women and club competitions. The competitions are rotated between all Balkan countries. From 2008, a new competition for clubs, the BVA Cup, was added to the BVA Calendar.

Financially supported by CEV and FIVB

FIVB International Volleyball Federation and CEV (European Volleyball Confederation) financially support BVA Administrations after submitting the yearly activity report of each year.