Bulgaria to host U17 Men Zonal Qualifications from Wednesday

by Press

BVA Zonal Qualifications for the U17 Volleyball European Championship 2023 in men’s competition will be played 18-22nd January in Sofia (Bulgaria).

In men’s competition will participate national teams of Bulgaria, Türkiye, Serbia, Romania and Greece from Balkan Volleyball Association (BVA) as well as England and Finland from North European Volleyball Zonal Association (NEVZA). European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) announced that NEVZA will not organize a tournament of 1st Round Qualification, so no federation from NEVZA will directly qualify to the final round of U17 EuroVolley.

England and Finland will play on tournament in Sofia, but their results will not be counted in the final BVA score. Their mutual match will determine who will advance to the 2nd round of CEV Qualifications as a participant of NEVZA.

Pool A: Bulgaria, Finland and Romania

Pool B: Türkiye, Serbia, Greece and England

The winner of the zonal qualifiers organized by BVA in both genders will claim place in the Final Round of the U17 CEV European Championship 2023. In men’s competition all Balkan teams will proceed to 2nd round.

U17M CEV European Championship 2023 will be played from 19th until 30th July 2023 in Podgorica (Montenegro).

All match schedule, results and table standings for this event can be found on CEV website:


You can watch all matches live here:



Wednesday, 18th January

Greece – Serbia (15:00h local time)

England – Türkiye (17:30h)

Bulgaria – Finland (20:00h)

Thursday, 19th January

Serbia – Türkiye (15:00h)

Greece -England (17:30h)

Finland – Romania (20:00h)

Friday, 20th January

Türkiye – Greece (15:00h)

Serbia – England (17:30h)

Romania – Bulgaria (20:00h)

Saturday, 21st January

3A – 4B (15:00h)

1B – 2A (17:30h)

1A – 2B (20:00h)

Sunday, 22nd January

3B – Winner 3A – 4B (15:00h)

Looser 1B – 2A – Looser 1A – 2B (17:30h)

Winner 1B – 2A – Winner 1A – 2B (20:00h)

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