School leagues underway in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Press

The Volleyball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSBiH) used the month of November to further expand the reach of the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ across the southern section of the Balkan country and more specifically in the Republika Srpska. Volleyball equipment was provided to as many as ten schools, and school leagues have started as well. Moreover, the Federation distributed volleyballs to local primary schools too.

The focus of such activities was the Jovan Jovanović Zmaj school in Trebinje, where the visit coincided also with the start of a school competition open to schools from southern Herzegovina. Due to very bad weather conditions and a heavy snowstorm, unfortunately only three primary schools from Trebinje showed up. About 25 students from the fifth to the ninth grade played volleyball matches in a fun atmosphere. The event was well organised by the local club ŽOK Leotar Trebinje and their coach Mišo Pešić, who personally attended the CEV Coaches Convention held in 2022 in Skopje, North Macedonia.

School leagues between these schools will be contested until May 15, with the following 10 teams participating:

•    OŠ Sveti Sava Ljubinje
•    OŠ Jovan J. Zmaj Trebinje
•    OŠ Petar II P. Njegoš Bileća
•    OŠ Vuk Karadžić Trebinje
•    OŠ SV. Vasilije Ostrošni i Tvrdoški Trebinje
•    OŠ Sveti Sava Bileća
•    OŠ Veselin Masleša Foča
•    OŠ Njegoš Berkovići
•    OŠ Risto Proroković Nevesinje
•    OŠ Sveti Sava Gacko

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