Türkiye shows everyone how things stand in the Golden #EuroLeagueM

by Press

Saturday night marked another Golden #EuroLeagueM match and this time between the national teams of Denmark and Türkiye. Going into this match, everyone knew that Türkiye is the biggest favorite in Pool A since they have seven podiums, including two titles in 2019 and 2021., and they are the highest-ranked team in the competition.

The national team of Türkiye took a well-deserved win with 0-3 (18-25, 21-25, 15-25). And how good was Türkiye today shows simple statistics – eight killer blocks, nine aces, and 39 winning spikes!

In the first set, Denmark answered really well to Türkiye’s attacks and they were playing point-by-point but the guests managed to separate a little bit and take a first-set win by 18-25.

The second set started off similar to the first one and Denmark even had a lead of two points (4-2) but the advantage melted away easily. Türkiye then began their domination and scored eight points in a row (from 8-7 to 8-15). Denmark was still trying to get back up but it wasn’t possible anymore so the set was closed by 21-25, another one for Türkiye.

It was visible that Denmark doesn’t have the strength to stop the machine of Türkiye. In the third and last set, the same thing from the previous set happened. They were in the game but then couldn’t stop the domination of the guests (from 7-8 to 8-14). And the only thing left was to wait and see with what advantage Türkiye is going to take the win. With 15-25, they’ve closed the set and match and took the first three points in the Golden #EuroLeagueM.

In Pool A the situation is as follows: Portugal is first with three points, Türkiye is second with three points as well, Romania is third with zero points and Denmark is last with also three points.

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