#1DayMore4Volleyball involves hundreds of youngsters in Montenegro

by Press

The activities run by the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro (OSCG) in conjunction with the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ and more specifically the so-called Free Volleyball School have resumed after the winter break and will continue until the end of the school year. 

Training sessions have resumed in schools with the participation of some 150 young boys. Two youngsters who began their volleyball journey through the project, Luka Rovčanin and Almin Kujovic, along with their club Jedinstvo from Bijelo Polje, have recently claimed first place at the final tournament of the Montenegrin Junior Volleyball Championship held in Podgorica.

The second stage of the EKO Mini Volleyball league has continued according to the regular schedule. In the previous phase, matches were contested over seven weekends, with over 800 children participating across all three categories.

As far as the #1DayMore4Volleyball action is concerned, a tournament involving teams from cities participating in the Free Volleyball School project was held in Bijelo Polje. About 100 boys from five cities and nine different schools participated in the event. The winners in the category of younger boys up until the age of 12 was the combined team of Berane and Pljevlja. Five teams participated in the competition for older boys, with Berane beating Bijelo Polje 2-0 in the final match. Danilo Senic, a youngster from Berane born in 2010, was declared the best player of the tournament, and was presented with an official tracksuit of the Montenegrin national team.

Other actions run in conjunction with #1DayMore4Volleyball included the derby from the 10th round of the national league between the clubs of Budva and Buducnost, matches of the EKO mini volleyball league, youth national championships, and other events organised by the women’s teams of Gimnazijalac, Galeb Liko Soho Group, Top Volley, Budva, and Tempo, and at the Tisa Daily Centre in Bijelo Polje.

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