500+ school pupils join #1DayMore4Volleyball in Albania

by Press

February was filled with youth volleyball activities in Albania. Volleyball school teams participating in the project jointly run by the National Olympic Committee and the Albanian Volleyball Federation organised an impressive number of friendly matches. Young boys and girls showed much enthusiasm as they played Volleyball for their school. Some 28 teams contested matches throughout the past month as per the schedule arranged by their respective coaches and PE teachers. 

Moreover, the Albanian Volleyball Federation joined the #1DayMore4Volleyball action promoted by the CEV in conjunction with this year’s leap day (February 29). The initiative was extensively promoted through the social media channels run by the Albanian Volleyball Federation. The National Olympic Committee shared the link to the registration page as well to involve as many coaches and schools as possible.

Activities were organised across Albania in places such as Vlorë, Tirana, Korçë, Lezhë, Elbasan, and Lushnjë – thereby aiming to promote Volleyball as much as possible and to have a large participation especially of school age kids. Some 500 pupils were eventually mobilised and involved in the Balkan country on one single day.

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