Final act of ‘Free Volleyball School’ involves 60 young boys from across Montenegro

by Press

The final tournament of the ‘Free Volleyball School’ project run by the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro (OSCG) was held on Sunday, June 18, in the hall of the Risto Manojlović Elementary School in the city of Kolašin.

The event featured as many as 60 young boys who have been training at elementary schools in Pljevlja, Berane, Kolašin, Mojkovac, and Bijelo Polje. The competition was split into two age categories for boys born in 2010 and younger, and boys born in 2008, 2009 and younger. Mr Dragiša Ćalov, the coordinator of the OSCG project, presented trophies and medals.

The team from Berane (with players coming from the Elementary Schools Vuk Karadžić and Vukašin Radunović) triumphed in the division for boys born in 2010 and younger, where the second place went to the team from Bijelo Polje (9. Maj Elementary School), while the third place was taken by the team from Mojkovac (Aleksa Đilas Bećo Elementary School).

In the division for players born in 2008/2009 and younger, the first place was claimed by the team from Bijelo Polje (9. Maj Elementary School), with Berane (Elementary Schools Vuk Karadžić and Vukašin Radunović) in second, whereas the third place was shared by the teams from Pljevlja (Elementary Schools Boško Buha, Ristan Pavlović, and Salko Aljković), Mojkovac (Aleksa Đilas Bećo Elementary School), and Kolašin (Risto Manojlović Elementary School).

The competing teams were led by their respective teachers: Dragan Mašković from Bijelo Polje, Milovan Vešović from Berane, and Željko Cmiljanić from Pljevlja, while Igor Peković was at the helm of both the teams from Mojkovac and Kolašin.

The ‘Free Volleyball School’ programme is run in conjunction with the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ and it helps popularise Volleyball among young boys across Montenegro in areas where the game is not yet well-known and practised.

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