Great attendance in Vranje for U17 Women Balkan Championship

BVA website also achieved record number of visits during tournament

by Press

Volleyball Federation Serbia organized U17W Balkan Championship in city of Vranje from 06th until 10th July with great attendance of spectators during a hole tournament.

More than 1000 fans on under age tournaments attendance at couple last matchs gives signs that Balkan Volleyball is getting more and more popular.

The new Balkan Volleyball Association (BVA) website recorded big number of visits again on U17W Balkan Championship and it’s audience is raising from competition to competition.

Very useful was addition on BVA website for LIVESTREAMING, which is proven as “bull’s eye” with very big number of clicks and watchers.

In addition to the website, BVA also launched profiles on social media Facebook ( and Instagram (

Next Balkan Championship (U19 Women) will be held in Romania from 10th until 14th August.

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