Gyula Mester Elected As New President Of The Volleyball Federation Of Serbia

by Press

Gyula Mester, former First Vice-President of the Volleyball Federation of Serbia, was today unanimously elected as the Volleyball Federation of Serbia President, at its Extraordinary Electoral Assembly in Belgrade.

Mester is one of the best Serbian volleyball players of all time. During his decorated career, he won 12 medals with the national team, including gold and bronze at the Olympic Games (2000 and 1996) and silver at the World Championship (1998). He played for clubs in Italy and Greece, as well as at home in Serbia.

He was elected to the position of Vice-President of the Volleyball Federation of Serbia in 2016, and was subsequently appointed as First Vice-President in 2019.

The delegates of the Assembly were greeted at the beginning of the session by Zoran Gajić, former President of the Volleyball Federation of Serbia, and now Sebia’s Minister of Sports.

From left to right: Vesna Čitaković-Djurišić, Jelena Nikolić, Gyula Mester, Ivan Knežević and Petar Bogunović

Delegates also unanimously accepted Gyula Mester’s proposal for Ivan Knežević to continue as Secretary General, Jelena Nikolić to assume the role of First Vice-President, and Petar Bogunović and Vesna Čitaković-Djurišić to become Vice-Presidents.

In accordance with the Volleyball Federation of Serbia’s Statutes, Mester proposed the members of the Supervisory Board for the next mandate. By the unanimous decision of the delegates, Dragan Tadić was elected as President, and Stefan Ćukovic and Novak Savanović as members of the Supervisory Board.

Mester, as well as all members of the Presidency and Supervisory Board of the Volleyball Federation of Serbia, have been elected for a period of five years and will serve until 2028.

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