KV PËJA retain Kosovar men’s national league title

by Press

KV PËJA have managed to retain their title in the Kosovar men’s national league, doing so after delivering a brilliant performance in the fifth and last round of the playoff finals held at the Bill Clinton Arena this past Saturday against KV Luboteni FERIZAJ.

The championship series lasted for a maximum five matches, all just as spectacular, which attracted thousands of fans to the Karagaqi and Bill Clinton sports halls. On Saturday, in a winner-takes-all fixture, KV PËJA emerged victorious 3:1 (25:23, 25:20, 21:25, 25:17), showing a very consistent performance throughout. The hosts managed to put up more resistance in the first set and even claimed the third but could not prevent their eventual loss at the hands of the newly crowned national champions.

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