Nikola Kažić elected President of the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro

by Press

Nikola Kažić has been elected President of the Volleyball Federation of Montenegro (OSCG) following a unanimous decision made by the delegates attending the OSCG Assembly. Kažić received a four-year mandate. The electoral session of the OSCG Assembly was held at the Voco hotel in Podgorica, where Kažić received the support of all 27 delegates. Therefore, he will serve as the president of the Federation of the Balkan country for the next four years. Kažić succeeds Cvetko Pajković as the head of the OSCG and at the age of 37 is the youngest president in its history.

“I want to thank all the volleyball clubs in Montenegro and all the delegates at today’s Assembly for unanimously supporting me to become the youngest president in the history of the OSCG. It is certainly a great honour and pleasure, but also the greatest possible responsibility and obligation for the further development of Volleyball in Montenegro. What is particularly interesting and what we will certainly work on are our younger categories and younger national teams, because I believe that many promising volleyball players come from our clubs. The OSCG will fully contribute to their development, invest in them, and improve the conditions for volleyball development in Montenegro in general. I believe we are on the right path to achieve this. We will have many innovations, a different, more modern approach to all of this, and I think that through my previous role as the director of the national teams of the OSCG, I have been able to see everything and slowly start implementing this vision, which will certainly make my future work easier and allow us to continue at the same pace,” said Kažić.

All delegates supported the candidature of Mr Kažić to lead Montenegro’s Volleyball family

Nikola Kažić, who in his playing career wore the jerseys of Budućnost, Studentski Centar, Mornar, and Studenti Tirana (Albania), was also a member of the youth national team of Serbia and Montenegro, as well as of the junior, university, and senior national teams of Montenegro. After his playing career, he worked as a statistician and coach. He succeeds Cvetko Pajković as the president of the OSCG, who, after 12 years spent leading the organisation, was sent off with a thunderous applause from all the delegates.

At the electoral session of the OSCG Assembly, a new OSCG Board of Directors was also appointed, consisting of: Nikola Kažić, Ivan Mrvaljević (executive director of the EPCG Investment and Development Directorate), Radule Raonić (executive director of the company PER AQUA – DIVA water), Petar Vukčević (owner of the company Petex), Ksenija Božović (representative of the coaches’ association), Nevena Terzić (representative of the referees’ association), and Mina Dragović, a national team member and representative of the currently active athletes.

Cvetko Pajković stepped down after leading the OSCG for the past 12 years

At the regular session of the OSCG Assembly, which preceded the elections, the activity report along with the financial report and the auditors’ report for 2023 were all adopted, as well as the OSCG plan for the 2024-2025 period, together with amendments to the Statutes, and an amendment to the training compensation decision.

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