North Macedonia’s stellar performance in the Golden #EuroLeagueM

by Press

In a thrilling Golden#EuroLeagueM match, North Macedonia demonstrated extraordinary tenacity and skill, earning a well-deserved 3-1 victory over Belgium. The match unfolded as a fierce battle between the two teams, with both sides showcasing their prowess on the court. However, it was North Macedonia’s exceptional performance and unwavering determination that ultimately propelled them to emerge victorious and secure a significant win for the rest of the tournament.

The first set was mostly going in favor of North Macedonians which opened the match very well. They were always in the lead and have never let Belgians take over their game. Although the Belgians had a lot of chances to take the lead, as they had a lot of equalizing moments, they did not succeed and ended the set by 25-21.

The second set started off better for the Belgians as they had five points of advantage at one point. But they had troubles in their game and let out the advantage and North Macedonians caught up and equalized the game (17-17). The home team in the end changed the whole set in their favor and won another one by 25-23.

The third set finally paid off for the Belgians as the whole set was going really well for them and managed to take a win, but they couldn’t continue on with a winning attitude and in the end lost the whole match by 3-1.

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